What we do

We apply the toolkit and mindset of user-centered interaction design to the specific problems of cities. Through the design of products, services, interfaces, and spatial interventions, we aim to make cities easier to understand, more pleasant to use and live in, and more responsive to the desires of their inhabitants.

Who we are

We are a New York City-based urban systems design practice — urbanists, interaction designers, cartographers, graphic designers, interface specialists and software developers united by a deep love for big-city life, and the conviction that our efforts can help make it better still.

Latest news


Week 69: Pause

Adam Greenfield on 3 May 2012

Gingerly shifting the practice into a different mode of inquiry.


Week 62: In dreams begin responsibilities

Adam Greenfield on 16 March 2012

Two seemingly-unrelated topics have been occupying the lion's share of our thoughts in studio this week, both concerning what we might call the politics of imagination.