We are a New York City-based urban systems design practice, with a human-centered orientation and an ambition to improve the quality of metropolitan experience worldwide.

Urbanscale was founded by Adam Greenfield in 2010 to bring a human-centered perspective to the design of products, services, and spatial interventions wherever networked information technology intersects the urban condition, for the benefit of everybody who lives, works, strives, and dreams in the world’s cities.

We work with municipal, public-sector and private organizations on one-off and long-term consulting projects, as well as developing our own products. Our expertise in interaction and interface design, ethnography, graphic design, typography, cartography and software development is complemented by extensive experience working in North America, Europe and Asia.

Adam Greenfield

Founder and managing director

Adam is one of the world’s foremost thinkers on the relationship between networked information technology and the urban experience.

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Adam is in New York today, where it is