This is an Urbanscale Update titled “Call for imagery: Urban screens,” written by Adam Greenfield in New York on the 14th of April 2011.

Call for imagery: Urban screens

Adam Greenfield on 14 April 2011

As a part of our ongoing collaboration with Dentsu London, we’re collecting examples of urban screens from around the world — and we’d like your help. We’ve set up a Flickr group so you can share your videos and photos, and we’d love to see interesting, novel and clever uses from around the world…as well as the inevitable defaults, disasters and worst practices.

What’s an “urban screen”? For the purposes of this project, we’re defining same as “screens installed in the public or shared space of a city that are general purpose, i.e., not dedicated text or information display units.” (This does not include projections, but we’re otherwise agnostic as to technology.)

As well as constituting a useful public resource, you should know that we’ll be using images from the group to illustrate our forthcoming white paper on urban screens. As such, we’d appreciate photos and videos being Creative Commons licensed; the final report will be licensed this way too. Any media we use will be fully credited. Thanks so much!