This is an Urbanscale Weeknote titled “Week 50: Design facts and fictions,” written by Adam Greenfield in New York on the 16th of December 2011.

Week 50: Design facts and fictions

Adam Greenfield on 16 December 2011

A relatively slow week, as activity in the studio tapers toward yearend.

  • Inspired by the final delivery of the two prototype card units and base station in their cozy Pelican case, we’re forging ahead with the PERRY video. We shot the last bits of guerrilla footage earlier in the week; now Mayo gets into some After Effects work, and Nurri disappears into the editing suite to bind it all together.
  • We printed a stack of Year One t-shirts roughly resembling this. (The actual shirts feature the legend much more prominently, and in black; we’ll get shots up for your perusal as soon as we have them in our hot little hands.) This first run we’ll be selling for cash at FRIDAYS AT 7, touring-band-style, every week until they’re gone. If you want one, better come see us at Temple Bar.

It’s also true that I was a little uneasy with framing our video as “design fiction” in the first place, given the effort we’ve all made to bring Urbanflow to life. But as our friend Deb Chachra points out, that’s the risk we all run when the same phrase is used to denote everything from “the front porch of ‘we just haven’t built it yet’ to the distant reaches of ‘not possible with known science’.”

  • Elsewise, the week’s been dominated by J.D.’s efforts to get the Urbanflow Chicago demo running on an iPad, primarily for ease of portability, and conversations about graphic conventions for small screens we’ve been having with Ryan Sullivan. We’ve been putting out some fires in the background, as well, mostly of the sort that predictably crop up any time you set your hand to something that’s never been attempted before.

That’s about it for now. The crew scatters to the four winds next week, but I’ll be back with a yearend retrospective. We’ll see you then, yes? Endmark