Our work brings technology to bear on the everyday challenges of urban life, helping people figure out where they are, how to get where they’re going, and what they can do when they get there.


An enhanced stored-value card

Our Farevalue cards add an e-paper display to the standard RFID-based stored-value card, allowing users to see the balance remaining. It’s a simple intervention, but it prevents frustration, delay and hassle.

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An interactive information service for urban screens

By combining pedestrian-oriented cartography, wayfinding, and journey-planning tools with local service discovery, we’ve designed these urban screens from the ground up to be useful… and used.

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City Tickets NYC

Bringing citizen engagement directly to the sidewalk

City Tickets makes the most of a city’s existing investment in networked infrastructure by bringing its dialogue with citizens to the place where it is immediately relevant: here and now.

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